What to Expect During a Safari

Lightning over Table Bay, Cape Town

When planning a safari most people, especially first-time travellers, are so overwhelmed by the joy of being in the wild. As a result, they overlook the fact that this is a whole new experience unlike the exotic trips they are used to. This leads to failure in making adequate plans that will ensure they enjoy every bit of being out in the wild. After all, the level of planning put into place goes a long way in determining the type of experience one enjoys. In order to plan for a successful safari, knowing what is at stake will certainly come in handy.

Understanding what to expect when on safari will enable tourists to prepare themselves psychologically thus they can easily navigate any situation that may arise when they are in the wild.

4 Things to Expect While On a Safari Getaway

• Zero comfort
Going for a safari is all about interacting with the wild. Therefore, tourists should be prepared to endure their stay without all the necessities that enhance comfort. Utilities such as couches, television and flush toilets are not available in the wild. Therefore, tourists are expected to adjust to the living conditions in the camps they will live in during the safari.

• Harsh weather conditions
The various locations that support safaris have different weather conditions. However, none of the locations assures tourists of subtle weather conditions. Tourist should expect to encounter dust, windy conditions and also the scorching sun. And this explains why comfortable and protective clothing is important. A safari makes sense for a summer getaway.

• Close proximity to the wildlife
When out for a safari, you can rest assured knowing that you will encounter the wild animals’ first-hand. As a matter of fact, these wild animals might even climb on your safari van. Therefore, if you are faint hearted, it is time you started preparing yourself for a first-hand encounter with the king of the jungle.

• Zero assurance of seeing all the African wildlife to photograph
Many times when tourists think that going for a safari assures them of seeing all the animals they know of; especially the big five. The ability to see the wildlife can only be determined by your timing and season in which you decide to go for the safari. That said, avoid putting your hopes too high when going for a safari and let things unfold on their own.

With proper planning and preparation, you can be certain of enjoying an unforgettable safari experience. However, this is only possible if only you are aware of what to expect during the safari. Safaris are lots of fun, and each one will be different from the previous. Some are even close to big cities like Cape Town or Johannesburg. The wild is unpredictable, and you should be ready to experience anything that comes your way. In South Africa, safaris can come in all sorts of packages, from small nature walks, self-drives, guided tours in trucks, helicopter safaris and more. There are loads of wonderful safari destinations that offer luxury game reserve experiences.

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