What to Wear on a Game Reserve Safari

Safari Tourist Outfits

Going on a safari is an exciting affair where you get lost in what to pack and what to leave behind. When packing, please remember that you will be doing a lot of packing and unpacking. Therefore, you should pack lighter for your safari. Apart from the light clothing that you will pack, let us discuss six must have safari items before you head to South Africa for a safari.

1. Safari Jackets

African coasts tend to be hotter than the inland areas. The majority of the game reserves are situated inland, which is at a higher altitude. That makes the mornings, evenings, and nights colder even during summer. A padded, light, cotton jacket is therefore recommended.

2. Safari Shoes

When going on a game reserve safari, two types of shoes are recommended, boots and sandals. For bush walks, boots will be ideal since they provide support and protection for your feet. The quality of the shoes should be good; the soles should be non-slip rubber, thick and vigorous. The sandals are nice to wear after the busy day when sitting around the watering hole before supper. Remember, dressing comfortably will help prevent travel fatigue.

3. Safari Pants

These are highly dependent on the season. During winter, heavy pants and jeans are necessary due to the biting cold in early morning and late evening. However, daytime tends to be much hotter, therefore, ideal for shorts and light clothing.

4. Safari Shirts

All game reserves tend to be somehow secluded. It is recommended to bring both long and short-sleeved shirts to cater for the early morning and late evening biting cold, as well as the daytime heat. You can also choose to pack short-sleeved shirts alone, and during the cold hours, you can then wear your safari jacket on top.


Safari Outfit

5. Safari Hats

The primary function of the hat is to protect your face from the sun. Baseball caps are preferred during all the other seasons other than summer. This is because they are affordable, light and comfortable to wear. During summer, straw hats are recommended since they offer protection for your face and neck because of the broad brim. Choose a hat that has breathing spaces in between to prevent excessive heat and sweat being trapped in your head making you uncomfortable. Even if you’re just visiting a hot city like Cape Town, it is advised to wear a wide-brimmed hat to avoid sunburn. Most resorts and B&Bs in Cape Town will advise on where to shop.

6. Safari Vests

This is a must-have on any of your South African Travel. This is one safari accessory that will provide you with warmth, be it a chilling winter morning, or a mildly cold summer evening. If you love wildlife photography, this safari vest is a must-have for you. The numerous pockets allow you to store your photography paraphernalia.
When choosing your outfits, go for the apparel that camouflages with the bushveld. Choose green, brown, tan, beige, or khaki. The screaming red, orange, blue, white, and other bright colors are a no-go zone.

Remember that clothing is just one small aspect of travelling. Safaris are so much fun and often don’t have any requirements to what you wear. Before packing, you could consult your travel agent or game reserve for more information and suggestions.

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