Useful Tips in Improving Your Blog: What To Avoid!

Tips To Improve Your Blog

I read a lot of blogs. And I work with a lot of bloggers, helping them with their blogs and their blogging strategy (service coming soon). And because I spend most of my days reading and analyzing blogs, I come across a lot of blogs that have one teensy tiny element missing that could possibly be hurting their blogs.

I’ve actually chatted about this on social media before, and I have received a lot of feedback from my followers and readers saying that they also feel very frustrated when blogs don’t have this element, and they often won’t subscribe or read any more blog posts from this particular blogger.

So, what is this small thing I am talking about?


Yes, you read that right. This small thing can totally make or break your blog and so many bloggers don’t even understand the importance of this missing element! And it frustrates the heck out of me (and apparently also my followers and readers too)! Nothing pushes my buttons more than when I read something totally mind-blowing, and there is no way I can share it with my readers (who would find it awesome too).

Think about it this way – you want people to read your blog and talk about it right? Yes, of course, two friends can physically chat about your blog in a coffee shop, but what is longer lasting than a conversation? Having a link to your blog on social media for all of the worlds to see.

Having social sharing buttons on your blog makes it easier for your readers to share your content with their friends, and their friends can then share it with their other friends and so on and so forth. With the click of a button, your blog has the opportunity to reach a million people.

Guys, I want you all to realize the importance of social media and social sharing buttons! Adding social sharing buttons to your blog is quick and easy (it doesn’t even take 5 minutes to install) and the few minutes it takes to install these social sharing buttons WILL definitely benefit your blog in every way possible! The more people that share your blog post, will lead more people to your blog and the possibility of gaining new readers, followers, subscribers, and shoppers are much higher.

Imagine this. If you are a food blogger, and you created this awesome recipe for the perfect sweet potato fries (which is something I still can’t get right, by the way). By some miracle, I land on your site and I think your recipe is awesome and now I want to share it with the rest of my friends and family, but there is no way for me to share it (other than copying the link and sending it via email – totes old school if you ask me). By that time, I am thoroughly frustrated and I click that little ‘x’ in the corner, never to return to your website again.

I want to say this once more – having the opportunity for visitors to share your content can lead to great possibilities. That post you thought might go viral, but only got you few hundred viewers? See what can happen when you add social media sharing buttons to your blog posts.

My top suggestions for social media sharing plugins you can use for your (WordPress) blog is:

Floating Social Media Sharing Plugin

Monarch by Elegant Themes

Jetpack Sharing

Ultimate Social Media Icons

Getting eyes on your blog has never been easier. Please, I beg you, install social sharing buttons to your blog. Make it easy for others to share your content. You’ll be surprised at what it can do for you and your blog.

What’s your opinion on social sharing buttons? Yay or nay? And if any (yes there is some nay-sayers out there), why not? Let me know in the comment section below.

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