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The other day, I received an extremely interesting email from a fellow awesome blogger and it got me thinking. The main crux of the email was: “How to market your blogging skills when you apply for a job”. To give you some background information, this lovely lady was applying for a new job in marketing and felt that instead of just mentioning that she has a blog, she wanted to expand the skills and knowledge she learned from blogging.

Which got me thinking. How many bloggers out there are applying for a 9-5 and are not sure how they can use their blogging skills in the real world? And that is why I decided to write this blog post. To give you awesome peeps some tips and advice on how you can use your blog and blogging skills when applying for a job.

As a blogger, you are kind of forced to be a Jack of all trades. If you run your blog by yourself, you are not only a marketing manager, social media manager, HTML/CSS developer, and designer, but you are also a copywriter, proof-reader, customer service manager and public relations manager. That is a lot of things to carry on your shoulder if you blog whilst you still have to juggle a full-time job.

So, with all of these skills you have acquired while you were growing and building your blog, how can you promote these skills on your CV when you are applying for a job?


When you first start your blog, you are looking at getting readers on your site, right? Through different avenues (social media and otherwise), you are promoting and marketing your blog to others. And when you actually get readers to your site, you can pat yourself on the back because your marketing worked!

Think about it this way, when you promote your blog on Facebook or Twitter, you are technically marketing your blog to the world. You want readers to come to your site and you want them to perform certain actions whilst they are there, whether it is to buy something or share your content with others. If you are at an event and you hand out a business card for your blog, you are marketing your blog.

If you are posting social media updates, interacting with followers, growing your following and drafting a social media strategy for your blog, then you are wearing your social media manager hat. If you are sending an email update to your email subscribers, you are also wearing a marketing hat.

Going to events? Then you are wearing your networking hat!


When you run your blog, the wiring process does not stop at writing great quality blog posts. There is writing social media posts, email newsletters, press releases, and more involved in the entire process. If you write good quality content that gets shared, you can market your writing skills on your CV.

Being a good writer can be extremely beneficial when you are applying for any job that will include a great deal of writing (communications, marketing, public relations and more).


Another great skill you can add to your CV is communications skills. Being a good writer is considered to be a good communication skill. Through your blog writing, you can demonstrate that you have great communications skills. Having great communication skills is a benefit for so many reasons. Not only will you be able to rock your interview, but it shows that you will be able to effectively communicate in the work environment too.

Remember too that your blog can be considered as your online portfolio, so don’t forget to add a link to your blog in your CV. If you add your link to your CV, make sure your blog is constantly updated. (I can’t tell you how many CV I have received in my life with people claiming that they are bloggers, and then when I visit their blogs, I can clearly see that the blog has not been updated in years!) If you want to market your blogging skills, make sure your blog is updated and a visual representation of yourself and your brand! It also shows that you are hard-working, passionate and determined.

What other skills have you learned through blogging? Let me know in the comment section below.

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