How to Get Stuff Done When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

Unmotivated - How to Get Stuff Done

I get you. Sometimes, we all go through a stage where we have so many plans and ideas for your blog that we end up feeling unmotivated and not in the mood to do anything at all. Especially if you are juggling a nine to five! We’ve all felt like this before – having zero motivation to work on the pile of work in front of you, and it sucks! Yes, feeling unmotivated and uninspired about your blog sucks! But, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?


In today’s post, I want to share you my top 5 tips on how to get stuff done when you don’t feel like doing anything.

Consider why you feel unmotivated

Do you feel unmotivated because you are scared? Or are you unmotivated because you took on more work than you can manage? Take a good look at why you are feeling the way you are feeling, and then move on to tip 2 and tip 3.

Plan your time wisely

The first step is to figure out how much time you have to work on your blog after working hours. Make a schedule of your time and take a long and hard look at how much time you REALLY have available after work for your blog. If you work from 09:00 – 17:00, factor in the time it might take you to get home after work, the time it takes for you to take care of household duties and more. Once you have an accurate view of how much time you have available for blogging, you can move on to the next tip.

Write an ultimate to-do list + Prioritize Your Tasks

Make a list of tasks you need to do for your blog. Write these down in order of importance and work out how much time it will take you to finish each task. Once you have your tasks scheduled according to importance and time, schedule your tasks according to the time you have available each day for blogging. On Monday, you might have 20 minutes for your blog, and on Wednesday you will have 2 hours for your blog, so schedule the easy-to-do tasks for Monday and the tasks that might take longer for Wednesday. The best is to make this list at the beginning of every week.

Be clear about your goals

Take a moment to think about your blog and your blogging goals. If you have any tasks that don’t fit in with your goals, scrap them. Immediately.


If you spend hours on social media, checking up on what others are doing or simply just staring at the screen as a form of distraction, then now is the time to switch-off. Turn off all the notifications from your social media accounts, close the tabs on your browser and take a few hours to simply focus on the task ahead of you.

Reward yourself

If you finish X, Y and Z, reward yourself with something you might enjoy! For me, it will be an ice cream on a hot summer’s day. Use rewards as motivation. No, you’re not a dog and in dog training school, but if you feel like rewards for your hard work works for you, then do it! Use rewards to motivate yourself.

Take a break

You can’t live your life going at 100 miles an hour EVERY SINGLE DAY (unless you are a super woman), so to avoid burnout, take a break. Yes, a break is good for you, so don’t be scared to take a break. Whether it is a full-day of “me-time” or simply taking the afternoon off, or even taking a week off from work, you will be surprised at how awesome a break will make you feel! Do something enjoyable like a collage, painting, planting or aluminium awnings. There is nothing like a break away from work (and blogging) to rejuvenate and to focus on your goals. And trust me, you will feel motivated like never before when you return from your break.

How do you stay motivated to get stuff done when you feel like you don’t want to do anything?

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