Exciting news from Glamorous Glitter

Wow. It seems like I have been away forever. Well, I kind of have been away from the blog for a while, but not really, and definitely not on purpose. I needed to distance myself from my blog for a while so that I can get a clear view of where I want to take my blog. So, what have I been up to over the last few weeks?


  1. I’m renaming my blog.

After thinking about it long and hard, I am renaming my blog. I felt like the old name didn’t fit the new style and niche of my blog, and to be completely honest with you all, it was actually embarrassing to tell people the name of my blog and then try to explain to them what I do. Their puzzling faces drove me nuts and I decided to just do it (nope, not endorsing that famous brand). So, with every spare minute and second I had, I have been working on the new blog. #StayTuned

  1. I’m designing the new blog.

Along with a new name, comes a new look and feel. The new design will fit in perfectly with the new name and it is coming together nicely.

  1. I’ve relooked my goals and objectives

Glamorous Glitter has become quite a successful blog over the last 6 years and with the new change of niche, name and design comes new goals and objectives. I’ve written down my new goals and objectives, mulled them over, relooked at them and rewrote them. Finally, I have a set of goals and objectives to take my blog to the next level (eugh, cringe, I just hate saying that, but I couldn’t find a better way to express myself). P.S. Awesome post (and awesome freebie coming soon).

  1. I’ve done my research

For those of you that have been following me on this journey, you might know what I am SEO-obsessed. This means that I did a lot of keyword research to ensure that the new blog and the new content rocks Google’s socks off. I narrowed down my keyword strategy and I now know exactly what, where and how when it comes to content creation for the new site. P.S. Awesome post (and awesome freebie coming soon). I’ve also designed a content and social media calendar that works for me.

  1. I’m rewriting The Blog Marketing Guide

In between all of the research, design and writing, I have also been working on creating an even better blog marketing guide, packed with more information, worksheets and insanely helpful tips and tricks! The brand new The Blog Marketing Guide with launch so, so soon!

  1. I’m developing and writing kick-ass and insanely informative content

Yes, I haven’t deserted the blogging world completely. Behind the scenes, I have been working on content that will change the way you blog. I’ve partnered with experts, chatted to bloggers and small biz owners and I am developing content just for you.

  1. I’m designing more free resources

And along with more awesome content, comes more awesome freebies, because who doesn’t love a freebie right?

  1. I’m speaking at a conference

Yup, you read that right. This weekend I will be chatting all things SEO at a social media boot camp. #excited

  1. I’m juggling a household, a move and a 9-5

And in between all of the above, I am trying to spend as much time with my husband and loved ones as possible, plan a move and still work extremely hard on my new 9-5.

Anyway, so, that is what I have been up to over the last 6 weeks. I promise that this is not the end of me and this blog, and whilst I am working on the new site, I will still update this one regularly.

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How to market your blog – a guide for introverts

I’ve written quite a lot about how to market your blog and how to get word out there about your blog. You can read about it here, here and here.



Blog marketing is something I am extremely passionate about, and in today’s post, I want to discuss a few incredible marketing ideas for introverts. Not only can these marketing ideas be applied to your blog, but you can apply everything to marketing your small business too.


So, in today’s post, I want to discuss how to market your blog – a guide for introverts. These subtle marketing ideas will pack a big punch and you dont have to worry your little introverted heart about going all out and being too over the top.


One step at a time

Take it easy there, cowboy (can you see I am currently writing this from the airport in Raleigh, North Carolina – haha). You don’t have to make millions of connections at once. Ease into it by connecting to one person at a time. When you are out and about, make a point of connecting with one person – not just a “hi, hello” connection, but a meaningful business connection. It would probably help if you carry business cards or candy in your purse.


Business cards – get some

Another subtle way you can market your blog or small business is by getting a few business cards. You can leave some at your local stores, churches, etc, or you can hand it out to people you meet. It’s a small and simple, yet effective way to get word out there about who you are and what you do.


Advertising – do it

Whether it is by boosting a post on Facebook, or paying for some Twitter advertising, just do it! It’s a great way to land more eyes on your blog or biz.


There’s nothing like pretty stationery to brighten the day, right?

Nothing excites me quite like pretty stationery. So why don’t you make great use of the opportunity by personalising some stationery – put your blog name, biz name or blog link on pretty pencils or on some stunning notepads and hand it out to people you meet (it’s the adult version of keeping candy in your purse).


Run a giveaway

Something as simple as running a giveaway for your products or services can go a long way. And even better, if you ask your readers, clients or customers to share the giveaway with their friends and family, you increase the opportunity of getting your brand out there.


Guest blog

Send a simple email out to someone in your niche, asking them if they would allow you to guest blog on their platforms. The  best way to do this is by writing a thorough proposal – this includes telling them exactly what it is you want to write about, the purpose for this content as well as how it will benefit them. It’s a big step, but at least you can hide behind your pc, right?


Get social…

And by social, I mean, get on social media. Find out where your audience hangs out and be there!! Chat to them via status updates, comments, retweets and favourites. It’s a great way to build more followers and gain customers and clients. Start slow – you dont have to be every where at once. Take one baby step at a time and start out with your two favourite social media platforms (where your readers hang out, of course).


If you are an introvert, and rocking your blog or small biz, what do you do that’s not on the list? Chat to us in the comments below.

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Image copyright rules every blogger should know


Hey guys!

So, I know it’s been a bit quiet over on the blog the last few weeks, and even though I have no excuse, other than settling down into a new job and having an awesome 9 – 5, I am back with a bang.

Today, I have a guest blogger here on the blog, chatting about something you all wonder – can I use someone else’s images on the internet as my own? Today’s guest blogger is not just any guest blogger, she is an attorney and she is here to tell us all a bit more about image copyright rules every blogger should know and more.


Stop stealing images off of the Internet

 You wouldn’t go into a store, take a candy bar, and then leave without paying for it, would you? That would be theft. You are also committing theft if you take images off of the Internet without paying for them or obtaining the owner’s permission. This is because the creator or owner of the image has a copyright, which is a U.S. federal law that protects original works of authorship. A copyright gives the owner four rights:

  1. Reproduce the work;
  2. Display the work in public;
  3. Prepare derivative works based on the original work; and
  4. Distribute copies of the work.

Thus, when you take images off of the Internet without the owner’s consent, you are committing copyright infringement.

So how do you obtain images for your blog or website without committing a crime? Here are some good sources:

The public domain. Public domain works are not restricted by copyright, are free, and do not require a license to use. The three main categories of public domain work are: (a) works that, by their nature, are not copyrightable, and thus enter the public domain upon creation; (b) works that have been assigned to the public domain by their creators; and (c) works that are put in the public domain because their copyright has expired. Some great resources where you can find these public domain images include the Smithsonian Institution for Public Domain Images, Project Gutenberg, and the Prelinger Archives.

Free image websites. There are plenty of websites on the Internet that offer free stock images. Always read the Terms of Use or License on these websites before you take or use an images to ensure that you are adhering to all of the rules. Some great websites to use include www.pexels.com and www.pixabay.com.

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The fair use doctrine. This doctrine is a legal exception to the owner’s rights. It allows copyrighted works to be used without permission for the benefit of the public. For example, if you are writing an article on the death of a famous person, you may be able to use a picture of this person even if it belongs to someone else. Be careful though, the fair use doctrine has many complex requirements. The work must be used for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research. In addition, courts can spend years dissecting why this image was used, the nature of the image and the effect of your use on the market value of the image. Sometimes, it is best to stay away from the fair use doctrine altogether and find your images in a safer place.

The fact that you give the owner of the image attribution when you use their images without permission does not absolve you from copyright infringement. It is important that you always read the Terms of Use and the License Terms and have the owner’s permission to use the image. It feels good to do the right thing and will save you loads of money and time.

And there you have it! Image copyright rules every blogger should know and understand.

Short bio: Donata Kalnenaite is an attorney licensed to practice law in Illinois and is the owner of Agency Attorneys. Agency Attorneys protects the work of software developers, graphic designers, start-ups and small businesses. We work collaboratively with our clients and ensure that they understand everything they sign.

You can contact Donata on any of the links below:


(312) 391-4341


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2 Steps to Create Blog Post Titles That Will Get Your Blog Read + Free Cheat Sheet

As a blogger, it can sometimes be extremely hard to find the perfect blog post title. Yes, something as small as a blog post title will give a lot of bloggers a major headache. You want it to pack a punch, but you dont want it to be too cryptic. You want your readers to know exactly what they can expect from the blog post, but not give the ending away. You dont want it to be dull and boring either. Trust me, blog post titles are the stuff nightmares are made of.




And that’s why, in today’s post, I want to chat about the value of writing blog post titles that will get your blog read, as well as chat about how the right blog post title can help you improve your blog’s SEO.


To start off with, I want to give you guys a look into how I pick my blog posts (the steps and method I use to create catchy blog post titles that will get your blog read).


First things first – I use a keyword planner to see what SEO keywords I can use in my blog post and blog post title.

Once I have an idea of what my blog post is about, I search Google keyword planner to find at least 3 keywords I can use in my blog post. I also make a note of the most popular blog post title I can use in my blog post title. Once I have a clear idea of the keywords I need to use in my blog post, I move on to the next step.


I check out Google.

When I am writing a blog post, I type my blog post idea into Google and I take a look at what results Google shows me. I then make a list of the top 10 blog post titles in Google and keep them next to me.


I then write my blog post title.

Yes, in two simple steps I am ready to write my blog post title. But, at this stage, I still run the risk of it being boring and dull, and that is why I focus on giving my blog post titles a little more meat. So, how do I do that?

I make use of:

Numbers – yes, everyone loves numbers (it makes everything seem more trustworthy and scientific, right?). There’s something about a blog post title that makes use of numbers that just gets me way too excites.

I make my readers an offer they can’t refuse – everyone wants an offer they can’t refuse right? And that is why it is so important to include an offer in your blog post title. This can be anything from a FREEBIE, to tried and true ways you can quadruple your blog traffic. Make your readers want to click on your blog post by offering them something irresistible.

I keep my blog post titles short and sweet.


Another important thing to keep in mind when it comes to creating blog post titles is SEO. You blog post title should always contain your keyword, but should still read naturally. A great way to do this is to try and put your keyword as close as possible to the start of your blog post title. That way, you get your SEO keyword into your title and you can easily write a natural blog post title that won’t scare your readers off.

Here’s my 10 blog post title templates that you can chop and change as much as you want to.

# Ways to __________

_____ and _____ to growing _________

My number # tip for ___________

How I used _______ to ____________

10 Easy ways to ____________

How you can ___________ by _____________

How I grew my _____________ in ___________ by __________

5 simple things you can do to _____________

The ultimate guide to __________

How to _______ in # easy steps

# Secrets to ___________

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How I Saved My Blog with Batching

I’ve never believed in batching. Truth is, I always thought it was something lazy people do. You know, those people who want to build their empire without doing a bit of work? Boy, oh boy, was I wrong. So wrong, in fact, that I am actually swallowing my pride and eating a larger than life slice of humble pie.


blog batching and why it works

When I started my new job, I knew that I won’t have as much time to blog, so I needed to take drastic steps to figure out how I can save my blog. I didn’t want it to die, as I’ve really worked hard to get it where it is today, but I also knew that I couldn’t devote a few hours each day to my blog anymore.


So, what did I do to save my blog? I started batching. 


What is batching? 

For those of you not familiar with the term “batching”, let me explain. Batching happens when you write all of your content within one specific day (or a sitting). By doing this, you eliminate that rushed feeling of having a to finish off a blog post, “because it’s Thursday and my blog post must go up or my readers will hate me”. Yes, we’ve all been there.

So, why batching? Well, here’s a list of the reasons I batch all of my blog content.


Batching saves time (and keeps me stress-free)

(and time is money). Every Sunday, I schedule my blogging time in the afternoon. For 5 hours straight, I focus on writing my content for the week, scheduling my social media and just working on my blog. With batching, I can also ensure that I send out awesome, informative and mind-blowing content to my readers. Knowing that I have a post that will rock your world, ready and scheduled really just makes this entire blogging extremely stress-free.


I stay on schedule 

Another reason I love batching is because I stay on schedule. I have changed my posting structure and with batching, I ensure that I am always on schedule. All of my blog posts are scheduled two weeks in advance, and that way, I always have awesome content on my blog.


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I feel more productive 

Nothing empowers me more like having a smashing day where I ticked off everything on my to-do list. By taking a few hours out of my Sunday, I manage to focus purely on my blog and creating super awesome content and ticking off the things on my to do list. And man, do I feel good afterward. Seeing a to-do list with everything ticked off just makes me feel like I can conquer everything. And it feels bloody great!


It frees up my time for other things 

I love blogging, don’t get me wrong. But I also love spending time with my friends and family. By batching my content, I free up my time for all of the other important people in my life. (Yup, I count you guys under my list of important people in my life.) I know that all of my blog work is up to date and therefore, when I spend time with my loved ones, I can enjoy it fully without having to worry (to some extent) about my blog.


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Do you batch (let’s make it a thing, shall we)? Let’s chat about it in the comments below.  

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